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Sell Faster. Protect Yourself from Criminals

Instantly communicate with interested buyers to sell faster without sharing your personal contact information

Why Ramble?
  • Including a Ramble link in the Craigslist posting allows an interested buyer to request an instant chat session with the seller
  • Sellers can answer questions about the product or service they are selling without sharing their personal contact information
  • Sellers are instantly notified on their computer, tablet and smartphone when a chat request is received
  • Replying to an Incoming chat request is as easy as texting your best friend
  • The same link you use for Craigslist can be used on all; social media profiles, online ads, and e-commerce sites, aggregating all accounts through one app

Why use Ramble

Link-Invoked Universal Chat

Publish Universally

Start taking chats from anywhere on the web in minutes.

Works Universally

You and your audience can chat from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sell Universally

Connect with a prospect at the moment of interest to boost your sales!

Stay Safe Universally

Your personal contact information stays hidden behind your Ramble link.
Ramble chat site

How it works

Did we mention it’s EASY?

All you have to do is follow the 3 simple steps below and Ramble on

Ramble chat site
Sign Up
To sign up, simply create a username and password and optionally choose a custom vanity link (Get yours before it’s gone).
It is as easy as that!
Ramble chat site
Copy & Paste
Copy & paste the link. Your link is immediately available and can be published universally, even if you don’t control that domain (such as Facebook or Twitter).
Ramble chat site
Ramble On...
As soon as someone clicks the link you can start chatting with anyone, through your mobile device, tablet or computer!

Start chatting today