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With the industry's most dynamic chat & messaging software, Ramble can be deployed across any digital location and within any software application or ecosystem. Our patent-pending technology helps businesses drive revenue growth and customer engagement through two product deployments:

Insanely Fast. Agile.

Powerful and Simple.

Customer Engagement is hard. Timing is Everything. Ramble can help.

Ramble SaaS Ramble SaaS helps companies engage a greater amount of qualified buyers from any location online, not just your corporate website. With immense power and speed, our Single Click Chat (SCC) is tailored for today’s on-demand society that require immediate gratification and instant conversation. Meet your prospective customers at the moment of interest, with a single click, from any digital location. Empower your best sales talent and progress from chat to conversation, to close!

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Ramble Chat API Chat and Messaging drive immense user value for software apps- whether mobile or desktop. Our lightning fast, powerful API creates real-time chat without the costly internal build and project risk. Ramble’s white-label chat engine drives greater customer engagement, user collaboration, and knowledge share while offering the pinnacle of data security and privacy. Differentiate from the competition and take your application experience to a whole new level.

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Trusted by global companies - big and small

"As a global software company, meeting our prospects and customers at the moment of interest is paramount to our digital marketing strategy. Ramble gives us the ability to engage customers from any location on the web, not just our website, which had immediate impact on pipeline contribution and a shortened sales cycle."

Paul Johns, CMO at SAI Global

Advance from Chat to Conversation to Close

The buying process must be easy, instant and seamless.

Sales and Marketing Orchestration

Single Click Chat  

Single Click Chat

Single Click Chat (SCC): SCC is changing how businesses utilize chat. Eliminate buyer friction and meet your prospects and customers, at the moment of interest, from anywhere on the internet- not just your website. SCC is the bedrock of our "Sales Orchestration" software and can be embedded anywhere online - no limitations. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digital Advertising, Proposals, Emails, Partner Channels, etc. No need for costly integrations. Expand your marketing reach and hold on tight - net new lead activity awaits!

ChatBot & A.I. Lead Qualification

Chatbot & A.I. Lead Qualification

Chatbot & A.I. Lead Qualification: With exponential sales activity comes greater responsibility. Ramble's configurable A.I. automates the lead qualification process based upon your line of business and requirements. Never miss a lead, minimize wasted resources for unqualified activity and route existing customers appropriately. Use our Chatbot, bring your own, or send chat's directly to sales and marketing and bypass the A.I. The choice is yours!

Alert Sales Team  

Alert Sales Team

Alert Sales Team: Instantly notify the correct sales team or resource within seconds of a qualified lead. Notify one rep or many, and customize alerts by product line, sales team, process or geography. Bypass the Chatbot and route directly to sales, if preferred. Your customers have a seamless transition with no conversation interruption.

Sales Takeover  

Sales Takeover

Sales Takeover: With one click, transfer qualified leads directly to the right "human" resource. Your prospects and customers desire immediate conversation, not web submission forms. Our powerful, yet simple mobile app is designed to connect your prospects and customers with the most qualified sales resource- whether in the office or on the go. Engage your prospects at the moment of interest before they move on to something else.

Progress to Voice or Video  

Progress to Voice or Video

Progress to Voice or Video: Chat provides the soft landing that most prospects desire, but live conversations, whether voice or video, advance the deal. Ramble chat provides the initial comfort of chat, and with one click, the chat is advanced directly to voice or video. Accelerate the sales process and avoid the friction of scheduling a Webex, exchanging contact information, or switching communication mediums. Everything happens within the Ramble app with a customer focused experience to help shorten the sales cycle.

ramble for Software Developers

Instantly embed Chat and Messaging into any software, mobile app, or platform using the Ramble API

  • Drive Better Engagement: Customers and Users prefer chat, increased collaboration and knowledge share. Create a better experience.
  • Avoid costly development: Our API is lightweight, robust and scalable. Let us handle it!
  • Full Control: Run in your own environment, or ours, with the pinnacle of data privacy and security.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Set your brand apart from the competition with immediate time to value.

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