Account-Based Chat Routing

Convert Target Accounts Through Personalization

Executing ABM requires an equal effort from both Sales and Marketing; but where do you start?

RambleChat delivers practical, tangible functionality, that bridges the "ABM gap".

Account Based Chat Routing

Because High-Value Accounts Deserve Preferential Treatment

With ABM Chat, instantly notify the account owner when target accounts want to start a conversation – on your website or anywhere online using SCC.

Ramble ABM, instantly notifications of chats
Drive Better Conversations with Ramble ABM

Greet your target accounts by name automatically

Increase chat engagement and maximize lead conversion using existing data from your CRM, Tech Stack and Firmographic Data.

Ramble provides a robust customer centric front-end with the sophistication of the Watson brain
Proactive Message Personalization

Proactive Messages
Kickfire logo Ramble Chat uses KickFire's leading IP Intelligence and Firmographics data

Connect the right sales rep in real-time

Account Based Chat Routing

Personalized Engagement = Pipeline Growth

  • Notify the correct account owner the moment a chat is initiated.
  • Mobile and Desktop Notifications.
  • Ramble ABM uses leading IP Intelligence and Firmographic data to ensure the industry’s most accurate domain and account information.

Sync Account and Conversation Data - Automatically

Make it easy for sales and marketing to track sales activity and account-based selling. Use the SalesLoft and Salesforce integration to capture lead and account conversations!

SalesLoft Sync

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