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New Bots

Regardless of whether your bot is built using IBM's Watson, Lex or Azure, BotKit or it is completely custom, Ramble's bot distribution platform is unparalleled. Share your bot with the world using a single HREF and connect your bot visitors with an extensive agent network, if desired.

Legacy Bots

To most, the concept of ChatBots is new and cutting edge. But the reality is: "Bots" have been around for a long time. For example, utility companies have been using SMS to communicate with their customers and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), a different type of bot, have been improving our lives for years. Use Ramble's bot distribution platform to broaden your legacy bot's reach.

"Ramble acknowledges the long, fruitful history of 'bots' improving our lives
and is committed to furthering that legacy."

Jason Deegan, VP, Product, Ramble
Legacy Bot


How does Ramble+Legacy Bots Work?
What type of bots would work with Ramble?
What type of information do you collect about visitors?
As much or as little as you desire. And every bit we collect we pass on to you.
Can customer service agents watch bot trafic in real-time?
Do we have to re-write our bot?
Is Ramble secure?
Ramble is very secure as a 3rd party SaaS application but is ultimately secure deployed in your own environment. Ask us how.