Ramble Bot

Qualify, Engage and Create More Pipeline

Qualify More Leads & Create More Sales Conversations

Forms are a thing of the past. Your buyers expect instant conversation and immediate attention. Ramble Bot is designed to help marketers and demand generation create more sales conversations:

  1. Qualify Leads
  2. Automatically Capture Buyer Info
  3. Offer Content and Suggestions
  4. 24/7 Back-up to your SDR’s & BDR’s
  5. Book More meetings

Custom Routing for your Sales Conversation

Ramble Bot ensure the right leads are placed in front of the right sales rep, in REAL-TIME! Easily configure routing by company size, geography, territory, product line, etc.

Route leads from your website, email, social post and more with Chat from Anywhere

Chatbot Routing Rules
Chatbot + Salesforce

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Designed for Marketers
Custom Bot Playbooks + Ease of Use

Ramble Bot was designed to be powerful, yet simple to deploy. Playbooks can be cloned, easily modified, and rolled out within minutes.

Spend more time creating demand, not struggling with a confusing bot builder.

Chatbot Builder

ABM Chat and CRM Auto-Mapping

ABM Chat routing can utilize your Salesforce and SalesLoft account owners to ensure the right accounts are being put in the best hands.

Personalize your welcome message with account name or first name without expensive firmographic data.

Chatbot Routing Rules
Chatbot + Salesforce
Ramble ChatBot

Features & Benefits

Easy Set up

Designed for marketers and quick ROI

Watch in Real-Time

With Ramble, all chatbot sessions are recorded and viewable in real-time

Schedule a Meeting

Automatically book a meeting for your sales reps

Ramble Chatbot runs on both mobile and desktop devices

Qualify Leads 24/7

Develop leads day and night

Sales Take-Over & Routing

Engage the right human at the right time

Flexibility & Sophistication

All bots are not created equal! Choose the right one for the job

Ramble and Watson Assistant are fully integrated
RambleChat Supports Watson AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots

IBM Watson Assistant

RambleChat boasts the world’s foremost integration with IBM Watson Assistant. Simply Enter your Watson API Key and connect Watson + Ramble. The best of both worlds: Ramble’s superior usability and front-end combined with the sophistication and brains of Watson.

Fully Integrated to delivery the best AI Chatbot:

  • Watson + Ramble in a seamless experience
  • Enterprise ready with simple set-up
  • Watson intents, set-up and configuration automatically flow into the chat experience
  • Utilize AI on your website or with Chat from Anywhere
  • Included with Ramble’s Premium Package