One of the most important features of Ramble is being able to take data (either from your CRM system or looked-up firmographic by IP) and use it to ring the right rep when the prospect reaches out. This is account-based chat routing, or ABM Chat. In this article we'll talk through the technical details of how to get Ramble ABM working with both SalesLoft and/or Salesforce from visitors engaging with either Chat from Anywhere or website chat.

ABM Chat can be turned on for either or both services. While usually the account owner is only set in one service, there may be a condition where the account owner is set to ring A for SalesLoft and B for Salesforce.

SalesLoft + Routing Group Setup

Be sure to watch the SalesLoft + Ramble integration video for initial SalesLoft account setup and routing group setup.

Salesforce + Ramble Setup

Be sure to follow the directions in the Salesforce + Ramble Integration article to get your Salesforce account working.


To easily follow examples in this article I am creating 2 companies in SalesLoft:
  • Company A - -> Account Owner is Anthony Anderson
  • Company B - -> Account Owner is Bonnie Beauregard
  • Company C - -> Not in my SalesLoft account
As for my Ramble setup, I have a basic setup with both Chat from Anywhere link and website chat pointing to a routing team with ABM turned on and rollover (no off-hours, to keep it simple) to a team that consists of Charlotte Charles (among others).

How to Set It Up - Technical Details

Chat from Anywhere

To invoke ABM chat routing from a link, append the reserved UTM variable website to the end of your link, like so:{{code/vanity}}?website={{website}}

Website Chat

To invoke ABM chat routing from website chat, include the reserved option website to your code snippet, like so:

<script type="text/javascript">
function onRambleLoad() {
        code: "4e5aad5c25",
        realtimeUrl: "",
        fileStoreUrl: "",
        // other options:
        // initialName: string - use value as visitor name
        // initialEmail: string - use value as visitor email
        website: "{{website}}",


Whether use a link or website chat, let's explore what happens with the different company values that we might include?

  • If I append ? -> Anthony rings for 15 seconds. If unanswered, Charlotte rings.
  • If I append ? -> Bonnie rings for 15 seconds. If unanswered, Charlotte rings.
  • If I append ? -> Charlotte rings immediately. If a website is not found (or there is no account owner), Ramble automatically skips the ABM Chat routing group and moves on the next step of the process - the team defined for the rollover.