This guide will help you get started effectively taking chats and immediately adding value to your sales process.

Setting up your Avatar

  • Click on your name in the top right-hand corner, then select the dropdown option Account
  • Click Update Image then Select Image to upload an image as your avatar
  • Scale the image to your liking then click Save

Downloading the RambleChat Mobile App

Download the Ramble Chat app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. If you've already done so, simply sign in with your username and password.


Enabling Desktop Notifications

Chrome Browser

  1. Open Chrome browser and follow the given path or simply type- chrome://settings/content in a new tab.
  2. A pop-up window with content setting will be displayed.
    1. Scroll down to Notifications -> Manage Exceptions
  3. In this section a list of website URL, you have subscribed for will appear. Select the website URL you want to unsubscribe. Here you can allow, deny or completely delete a website URL.

Firefox Browser

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser, then go to Firefox menu and select options.
  2. Select the content segment and tap on the choose button under Notifications.
  3. A Notification Permissions window will pop-up. In this section, select the site URLs you wish to unsubscribe. Then click on Remove Site.

To stop all sites from sending push messages, click Remove All Sites.

Websites will need to ask your permission to send messages in the future.

Safari Browser

  1. Open your Safari browser and click on Safari. Under Safari panel click on Preferences.
  2. Select the website you wish to remove from notification section. Click on Allow or Deny as per your preference.

Answering Chats

To answer an incoming chat, simply click on the purple envelope that appears in the bottom left-hand corner.

You will then be presented with firmographic data (if applicable) for the inbound chat. Simply click Accept to begin chatting.

Additionally, if desktop notifications are enabled, simply click the Answer button to begin chatting.

Navigate the Missed and Rambles

To view active and answered chats, go to the Rambles tab on the left-hand side

To view missed chats, you to the Missed tab on the left-hand side

To filter through your Rambles or Missed chats, click the Filter Chats button in the top left-hand corner

You can narrow your search down by the date and time, as well as the type of chat you are looking for (i.e. on chats that were routed to agents)

Requesting a Data Ask

While chatting with a prospect or client, you can obtain client information using RambleChat's Data Asks functionality.

Simply click on the Ask dropdown next to the information you'd like to be provided and you'll be presented with the options Edit Manually or Ask for .... Click Ask for ...

The prospect or customer will be presented with a Data Ask metaphor requesting the specified information. They'll receive a confirmation once they've entered in the requested information.

Create a New Data Ask

To create a new Data Ask, go to the Data Asks section of your team and click + Data Ask

Name: Uniquely identify this Data Ask with a name

Type: Select the applicable type

Message: The message presented to a prospect when a data ask is requested.

Provided Message: The confirmation message presented to a prospect when a data ask has been answered.

Validation Regex: Applicable to emails. You can reject certain domains such as or if you only want company emails.

Failed Validation Message: The message presented to a prospect if they provide information associated with your Validation Regex

Variable Name: If you would like to pre-populate this value from the invocation button or link, type the variable name you will be passing in here.

Assigning a Tag

To assign a tag to a chat, simply click the Add Tag button in the top left-hand corner of the chat window and click on the applicable tag(s).

You can view all assigned tags in the Tags/Notes column of the Rambles or Missed sections.

To create a new tag, go to the Tags section of your team and click + Add New Tag

Simply enter the name of the new tag and click to the left of the name to select or modify the color of the tag.

Pushing a Chat into SalesForce

At the bottom of the customer information section, click Link next to the Salesforce option.

I Want to: Using the dropdown, select the applicable option to link to an existing lead or contact, or create a new one.

Search: If linking to an existing contact or lead, enter in their contact's name for the database to search for the contact's information within Salesforce.

Lead Owner (if applicable): Using the dropdown, select the lead owner if changing ownership.