SalesLoft and RambleChat have collaborated to create a human-centric chat integration that increases sales velocity and conversation volume by opening new channels of engagement. Account Based Chat Routing, Buyer Personalization and market leading Chat functionality are now integrated into the SalesLoft ecosystem.

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Key Functionality:
  1. Live Website Chat, Chat from Anywhere, Chat from Email
  2. SalesLoft oAuth: Ramble account creation using a SalesLoft account
  3. ABM Chat Routing
  4. Personalized Chat Messaging for Website Visitors
  5. Team & Enterprise User Management
  6. Chat Conversation History Logged in SalesLoft

1. Live Website Chat, Chat from Anywhere, Chat from Email

Ramble delivers human-centric, sales-focused chat that helps reps create better sales conversations by meeting their buyers at the moment of interest. Create a personalized website experience for high value accounts or utilize Ramble's proprietary Chat from Anywhere to extend chat beyond your website: LinkedIn posts, Twitter, Email Cadences, Display Ads, etc. With a single VISITOR? click, your sales team is immediately chatting with target buyers. Proactive Messaging, Branding & Theming, ABM Chat, Mobile Push Notifications for live leads, and Advanced Routing are just a few pieces of functionality.

2. SalesLoft oAuth

The Ramble integration allows seamless account creation using an existing SalesLoft account via oAuth. The first SalesLoft team member to create a Ramble account will automatically provision a Ramble enterprise account that matches the SalesLoft_Team_ID. All subsequent members from SalesLoft who login with oAuth will include a confirmation to be placed in the team.

3. ABM Chat Routing

Selling and Personalization operate best when the most qualified sales resource can quickly connect with a target account. Using the new ABM Chat Routing capability, when a prospect or customer requests to chat (from the website or anywhere online using Chat from Anywhere), Ramble performs a reverse IP Lookup using KickFire firmographic data to identify the company domain. Simultaneously, Ramble confirms the account owner within SalesLoft while routing and connecting the sales rep and prospect in real-time. The chat can be answered on the Ramble mobile app (Apple and Android) or via Desktop with Chrome Notifications. Talk about rollover here if that rep isn't available? (i.e. answer the question before it can be asked...)

4. Personalized Chat Messaging for Website Visitors (Proactive Messaging)

When a Ramble chat button (code snippet?) is installed on a company website or landing page, companies can personalize messaging options to drive conversation with buyers. This is referred to as "Proactive Messaging" or "Outbound Messages". Market data shows that sales engagement dramatically increases when proactive messaging is deployed on a website. In addition, if a client opts to license the ABM Chat functionality, visitors can not only be greeted with tailored messages to encourage conversation, but greetings can be personalized when they visit the corporate website and the IP domain is retrieved correctly. Proactive Messaging can be configured by visitor browsing activity, page title or URL specific, website experience and even website referrer. Ramble's Proactive Messaging has Level 4 capabilities (highest level), which can all be configured within the Ramble Portal.

5. Team and Enterprise Management

The SalesLoft and Ramble integration is designed for easy on-boarding and user management. When a SalesLoft user logs into Ramble, oAuth automatically creates a new team that mirrors the SalesLoft Team ID. When additional team members log-in, they automatically provision into the SalesLoft team within Ramble. Users also have the flexibility to modify chat distribution for SalesLoft account owners and configure roll-over notifications when preferred reps are unavailable.

6. Conversation History Logged in SalesLoft

Ramble automatically logs all chat conversation history and details at the SalesLoft Account level. When a user navigates to an account, chat history is displayed under the "Notes" section. If a SalesLoft user desires more in depth information about the chat conversation, a URL is automatically provided for the user to click.

Getting Started with SalesLoft & Ramble

Instructions for getting started with SalesLoft & Ramble vary slightly if you have an existing Ramble account vs. being a new Ramble user. Please follow the appropriate instructions for your case.

Instructions - Non-Existent Ramble Account

Step 1) To begin, navigate to Ramble's login screen ( From there click the blue button that invites you to "Login with SalesLoft."

Step 2) Once you login with your SalesLoft account, you'll be invited to create a new Ramble team. Leaving the toggler clicked to the ON position will invite all your existing SalesLoft team members to your new Ramble team.

Step 3) Once you click, "Yes, Connect" your new Ramble team is setup and connected to SalesLoft. Navigate to your new team's settings and click Routing Groups. A single routing group will exist in your account. From here, confirm the SalesLoft Distribution toggle is switched to on. Additionally, after you invite more members, you can include them on this team routing if no account owner can be identified or the account owner doesn't answer.

Step 5) Create a button or link with your new team and deploy it to your web properties or share the link with the world and start answering chats!

Instructions - Existing Ramble Account Holders

Step 1) If you already have a Ramble account and team you would like to use with SalesLoft, navigate to the settings for that team and click Connect Now.

Step 2) Once authenticated, navigate to your Routing Group and click the SalesLoft Distribution toggle to on.

Done! Now, any time a visitor uses your Ramble link or button, the first person to be called will be the Account Owner on file within the SalesLoft platform.