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Chat Views

This release is a major redesign of the (formerly Ramble) Terminus Chat portal. It significantly modernizes your chat experience and brings branding inline with our acquirer, the world's foremost ABM platform, Terminus.


They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, how about a video? For a general update on the interface, please reference the following video: https://youtu.be/H7hCev8aCnc


The functionality of the filters remains, merely the interface to interact with them has become easier to use. Please refer to the same video as above to find out how: https://youtu.be/H7hCev8aCnc

Chat View Definition

  • All - All active, answered and missed chats?
  • Live Chats - All active chats for all teams, including bots currently engaged with a visitor.?
  • Target Accounts - All chats that resolve using Terminus IP lookup service (requires a Terminus API key - contact your rep to get yours today)
  • Qualified - All chats that have a qualified rating (of any type)
  • Team Inbox - Visitor Participated, unclaimed by any rep
  • My Chats - The currently logged-in user claimed or participated in the chat.?
  • Messages - Chats with messages left after the chat
  • Missed - Chats that were not picked up
  • Pinned - Those chats manually "pinned"; Max of 50 (these are by user and do not persist across devices or logins)
  • Last Viewed - Last 20 opened (these are by user and do not persist across devices or logins)
  • All views default to the last 30 days

Closing Open Chats

To close a chat detail view, find the "x" icon in the panel above the conversation and click it.

"Live" Views are Now Live!

As part of the Chat Views release, we have enhanced the Live view so that it refreshes on its own. Any new chat that is started should automatically show in the Live view.

Personalizing Your Chat Views

While no standard view can be deleted or hidden at this time, most standard views are available for copying and personalizing. Please see the list below for details:

Live, Pinned or Last Viewed

  • Copying these views is unavailable

All, Target Accounts, Qualified, Team Inbox, My Chats, Messages or Missed?

  • Copying this view is available. Merely click the big button "Save as Custom View" and a new view will show below the standard views list.

The Rest

Pinning Chats

In a major enhancement to your chat workflow, you can now PIN a chat. The pinned chat is automatically added to the 'Pinned' chat view. Pinned chats can be unpinned as well, merely re-click the pushpin icon and your pinned chat will disappear from the list.

Claiming Chats

Claiming chats has moved to the top of the chat conversations. See the image below:

Terminus Branding

The Ramble branding is fading away and the Terminus branding is taking center stage. You'll notice the following changes immediately:

  • Terminus FavIcon - Like so many other beloved icons, Ramby is gone but never forgotten. You'll see the Terminus "T" going forward.
  • Terminus Tab Label - "Chat - Terminus" becomes the new tab label in your browser. We purposefully started the label with the word "Chat" for easy identification.
  • Terminus App Switcher - For a limited time, a small subset of customers will see the Terminus App Switcher, a metaphor that offers links to other Terminus products. A vast majority of chat users will not see this for a few releases. More to come when it does go general availability.

UTM Parameters In the Snippet

A new option in the snippet code will automatically retrieve and pass your UTM variables.

    resolveUTMVariables: true,

Chili Peppers

Some legacy Terminus customers recognized that the chili pepper ? metaphor in chat conflicted with other parts of the application. Therefore, we've replaced them with flames.


  • In some cases, appended buttons had 4 rounded corners, instead of just 2. This caused an ugly presentation and has been fixed.


Ramby is Ramble's official mascot and the selected "author" when there is more than 1 contributor to an article.

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