Ramble For Marketing


Marketing Reach

Move from Omni-Channel to Omni Presence:

  • Engage More Qualified Prospects with our Single Click Chat (SCC)

  • Accelerate Pipeline Contribution

  • Expand your digital reach beyond your website

  • Instantly Connect with new customers from anywhere

  • Utilize our Chatbot to qualify leads or send directly to sales

Why is Ramble Chat different than traditional Live chat?

We invented Single Click Chat (SCC) and it changes everything for marketing:

Meet your Buyers at the moment of interest, from anywhere online, not just your website. No Integrations. No Limitations. No Exceptions. Embed Chat into anything, within minutes:

Digital Advertising



Sales Proposals


Partner Channels



Corporate Website

Product Collateral

QR Codes

E-Commerce Site

Other Social Media (Indeed, IG, etc.)

Anywhere else you can click a URL!


Ramble's Live Chat is insanely agile, configurable and simple to deploy.

Create a softer landing for your prospects with the instant conversation they require.


Chatbots? Yes please.

100% Lead capture. Tailored your way.

CRM Integration

Our API is pre-wired to adapt to your CRM of choice.

Buyer Insights & Reporting

Real-Time buyer insights help drive better conversation with target customers.

Unlimited Chats.
Unlimited Users.

Connect with your prospects and customers on your terms, with no limitations.

Mobile; Sales Inspired

Our Mobile app is designed for sales people on the go. Zero download for your buyers.

Sales Team Routing

Route qualified leads to your sales team of choice: SDR, LDR’s or individual sales reps.

Leverage Chat to

Drive Revenue

Expand your Marketing Reach with Ramble Chat

Ramble Chat provides an unbridled marketing presence for your brand, while creating the soft landing your prospects and customers desire. Customer Engagement is hard and timing is everything: Our Single Click Chat (SCC) helps companies meet their buyers at the moment of interest from anywhere on the web, convert more qualified leads and driving greater pipeline contribution and sales bookings.