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Drive Engagement with Chat and Messaging

A Ramble Chat Container is SaaS Evolved

What is a Ramble Chat Container?

A Ramble Chat Container is a communication environment that handles user presence plus real-time messaging, bundled up in a DockerTM container. The environment contains additional features for sending mobile PUSH notifications, automated ChatBot hooks, elevation (voice, video & screen sharing), in-context information meshing and more.

Why a Ramble Chat Container?

Jump ahead of your competition by shortening your time-to-market with Ramble’s messaging, chat and collaboration features. The container runs either in a managed cloud or in your own environment. When deployed in your environment, a Ramble Chat container offers developers absolute control over deployment and is walled-off from all others, which creates the most secure and private messaging solution in the market.

Add Chat and Messaging to your Application

User Engagement may be the single greatest metric by which your software can be measured. Whether that engagement comes from real-time communication within the app or using your community of users to draw people back in, nearly every software package can be improved by creating better user engagement.

When enhancing user engagement you can either build or buy. Can you afford the time it costs to build? Especially when your competitors may have started last quarter? And if you choose to buy, are you frustrated by the lack of control and obvious security holes that come with 3rd party SaaS software? Ramble lets you have your cake and eat it too! It's ready to deploy today…in your environment. Ramble is fully API-based, completely customizable and because it runs in your environment, is just as secure as your app.

Ramble Chat Containers Offer:

Absolute SecurityDeploying in your environment eliminates multiple risk points.

Total ControlFrom deployment to UI, you have authority over implementation decisions

Maximum UptimeEnd dependence on 3rd parties for uptime.

Eminent ScalabilityNo sharing of resources, you have total architectural control over deployment.

Completely ConfigurabilityFully API-driven, the chat experience is fully customizable.

Amazing SpeedRamble's speed to initialize chats and pass messages is unmatched.