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As a chatbot developer, your brilliance is in AI, NLU, NLP, semantics and the like. It is not in GUI interfaces, mobile and web apps, PUSH notifications for alerting or creating a metaphor for human takeover. Those are the things that Ramble is good at. Which is why we think your Chatbot and our bot distribution metaphor could be pretty cool together.

Ramble takes your incredible technology and, with a simple API, plugs it into a gorgeous, customizable metaphor that includes:

  • Single-Click invocation deployable anywhere
  • Gorgeous, customizable interface
  • Administration portal for your administrators and/or customers

So, whether you're creating a chatbot that you manage or a bot others are distributing, Ramble adds a significant amount of value in the ecosystem.

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Ramble ChatBot Deployment

Features & Benefits

Technology Agnostic

Watson, Lex, Azure or Custom. Ramble's API works with all

View All Sessions

With Ramble, all chatbot sessions are recorded

Watch in Real-Time

With Ramble, you can watch the chatbot traffic as it happens

Alert a Human

Alert humans when it's time to elevate the conversation

Human Take-Over at Any Time

When a hot lead needs the massaging of a human, Ramble gives you that power

Advanced API Features

Ramble's ChatBot API is simple, yet powerful